Project InspireMe; TBSS, with Josephine Adah

It’s been almost a year, but these past few weeks, the Project team members have been up and doing, planning a comeback. Anyways, on one of the weekends, we had a chat with an active member of the SPDH closed community; Josephine Adah who…

Can I Work and School in a Nigerian University?

Schooling in Nigeria can sometimes feel like war.

As a matter of fact, I believe we should all be given some kind of incentive or award for making it out of university alive. Do you think it’s easy to stay four…

Different people. Credit: Unsplash

INTJ: The Architect

The architect is a person with introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging personality traits. These thoughtful bunches thrive in the perfect details in the subtle nuances of life, applying creativity and also a sense of rationality to everything they do. Their world can often be regarded as quite private while maintaining…

Are personality tests just overrated? Do you need to take a personlity test to understand yourself better? Well, here are four reasons why you absolutely need to!

Learning about your personality can help you better understand other people.

Learning about your personality and that of others might give you a better understanding of all the different reactions and perceptions that other…

Students Personal Development Hub

To Inspire, enlighten, expose & build the culture of Personal Development amongst students, to prepare them for life.

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